Live on web-TV: First Nevs 9-3!


Now it’s not long time until the first ordinary Saab from Nevs leaves the production line in Trollhättan. As many of  you may know it’s a 9-3 Aero, and you guys can follow this directly via various Swedish TV broadcasters web-TV services. Naturally, they speak swedish and it’s not texted, but you can still enjoy the pictures!
I will here link to the different broadcasters I know will send direct from the factory. There may be some of the broadcasters who not allow non-Swedish IP-adresses, but I know TV4 will work abroad. Click on the different links, and it will open in a new window. TV4 start their show 12:55 local time (CET / GMT +1:00), SVT start theirs at 13:00.


Saab 9-5 gets nice product placement on SVT

We have a national TV broadcaster here in Australia, called the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), which is commercial-free. They have ads, but those are for ABC programs or public services only.

Sweden has a similar thing. This is from Montahue, a Swede and happy SVT subscriber:


SVT is short for “Swedish state television” and every Swedish household pays around $18 per month for this service, which I gladly pay because of the quality it has (some hate to pay for it).

The important thing about SVT is that commercials or product-placement are strictly banned, and for good reason.

The most “intellectual” culture, art and design show is one called “KOBRA” and it’s one that I watch regularly, though the general masses dont.

There was a lot of Saab 9-5 vision on the latest show. This is just amazing and if it was a can of Coke instead of a 9-5 I would be totally upset and the evening press would make a big deal of it.

If you watch it, you will notice that for no apparnt reason at all (having nothing to do with what’s being said and promoted) the first few minutes and the last 10 seconds of the show stars the 9-5, the last bit in a very seductive and abitious action scene.

I couldnt really believe it.

Its really cool that some guy/gal made this and got it through “state controll” passing as “art”.

Kobra Saab 9-5


Non-Swedes can indeed watch it (well, I could). It is indeed a very nicely produced show and the 9-5 placement is very tasteful.

Thanks Montahue!

Saab 9-3x on The Amazing Race

We mentioned during the week that the Saab 9-3x was featuring on The Amazing Race TV Show. I was pleased to find out that video is now available online.

The 9-3x does feature quite a bit in this episode, though there’s not much there to identify it by name. Still, it was great to see it feature so prominently in such a popular program.

Those sleds are cool, too.


Thanks to Sapan for the tip!

Saab 9-3x used on The Amazing Race

Anyone watch The Amazing Race?

It’s a show where a bunch of couples (be they couples, or siblings, parent/child or just old buddies) go from country to country having to solve a bunch of puzzles and challenges to get through to the next round.

We’ve had one comment and I’ve had one direct email today saying that the latest episode of The Amazing Race featured the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, with contestants driving around in Saab 9-3x’s.

Cue the generic cold Saab photo…..

Apparently you might be able to see the episode online at the CBS website, starting some time in the next 24 hours.

It’s great publicity for Saab, with winter coming in the US and the 9-3x being shown in it’s natural habitat. Great stuff.

New Saab Television commercial released!

While Swade’s snoozing the day away (at least from the Western Hemisphere point of view), this little jewel dropped into my text inbox via Twitter. You could do worse than to follow SaabNewsroom on the world’s most ubiquitous social network.

The official Saab website has this description:

Saab TV Ad – Changing perspective
We proudly present our latest TV commercial. Part of the Changing perspective campaign that launches the new Saab 9-3X. Great soundtrack from the Swedish singer Asha Ali called Time is now!

I like it on first glance. I still wish for a stronger technology edge, but I’ll admit my engineering orientation biases my opinions about such things.
It appears that Saab is continuing the use of white and images of the creative process as an advertising “language” if such a thing exists. I am pleased with that.
Comments are open and welcome. Swade: Opine, dear sir.

Top Gear Australia 2009 makes its debut

I’ve just finished watching the first episode of Top Gear Australia for 2009.
Let me start by saying I don’t know how you international guys get access to it, but if you can – and you want to watch an hour of very decent motoring entertainment – then you should definitely get hold of it.
The 2009 season features a changed lineup from last year. The 2008 team didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Although adequate, it seemed like they were trying just a little too hard.
The main presenter, Charlie Cox, was either shoved or resigned and into the lineup came Australian jazz trumpeter extraordinaire – and big-time car buff – James Morrison.
Morrison is on the right, with 2008 holdovers Warren Brown in the middle and Steve Pizzati on the left.
When Morrison’s place in the lineup was announced, we all thought he’d be taking over the duties as main presenter. Instead, the job’s being shared pretty much amongst all of them, with 2nd fiddle from 2008 Brown taking the lion’s share.
It’s a much better balance.
This week they faced the Mitsubishi Evo10 off against the BMW 135i, raced a Lamborghini LP640 against a jetski and recreated one of our local TV ads by trying to bounce items into a hatchback using a mini-trampoline from the first floor.
The star-in-a-reasonably-priced-car (or bog-standard car as they call it) was former V8 Supercar champion, Mark Skaife, and the look on his face when he thought he’d failed to top the leaderboard was priceless.
The chemisty seems a lot more natural; Wozza’s stepped up quite nicely and even Pizzati seems more comfortable in front of the camera.
Morisson has had his own car show in the past, and was suitably relaxed.
All in all, it was an excellent debut for the new crew and I’m looking forward to future episodes.

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