Union and reconstruction snippets

Some very quick snippets:

The courts have started processing Saab’s appeal. First they will grant a permission to trial the case. This is expected in a few days.


Meanwhile, various lawyers are commenting on the strength of Saab’s appeal.

TTela reports Lawyers say Saab has a point:

The judgement (in the first court) should happen quickly based on limited amount of information. It is certainly more challenging to judge an entity of this size, but the law makes no distinction between a multi-billion corporation with thousands of employees or a company with a one million turnover with few employees.

— Bengt Jonasson, lawyer at Hammar


While visiting Saab yesterday, Tim and I found ourselves outside the conference room next to the reception area. We did not know it at the time, but a meeting took place between local union representatives and representatives of the centrally located union boards.

TTela today features a story about the kerfuffle that took place. Many of the local members feel the bankruptcy application was rushed, and some of them have pulled their own requests as a result. One of the points raised is that the members wanted all the unions to file together. IF Metall and the engineers still have not filed any papers.

We have hinted in the past that the majority of Saab’s employees’ (as well as the local clubs’ leaders) loyalty rests firmly with Saab. The unions are aware of this, but this time they have perhaps overplayed their hands a bit?

Given that Hovrätten (“the royal court”) has started processing Saab’s appeal now, it looks as if the reconstruction will be granted before the bankruptcy proceedings take place, so hopefully the unions’ actions will not cause a dramatic result.

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