Sweet Home Saab, Back in ‘bama

File this news under the glass half full column. While some Saab dealers are sadly closing their doors during these hard times, others are realizing there’s opportunity and that the brand still carries with it a premium image.

This story comes to us from Dale H, a former Saab driver (who clearly seems to be interested in trading his BMW in for a new 9-3 Convertible soon) in Alabama. Said Dale in his email,

Back in 2009 the only Saab dealer in Alabama closed its doors, just on the verge of my purchase of a red 9-3 convertible.  My wife insisted that Atlanta was too far to travel—the nearest true Saab dealer, so I settled for a BMW.   I was not please with the purchase and relinquished the car in under a year.  In today’s Birmingham News on page 1E the following is printed below a photo of a 2012 Saab 9-4X:

Truly great news in a sea of mess, and great to see Jim Burke Automotive taking advantage of the potential of the Saab brand. Alabama’s roads are suddenly going to become much cooler. Read the artcile after the break.

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