US Sales November 2011

I waited to put this up until the end of the day (US time) so that everyone could have some time off of the waiting game. Hopefully you spent it well. In the meantime, we continue to wait patiently on one party in particular, and hope that all issues that need clarification can be ironed out as soon as possible. Until that point, there really isn’t much to speculate on.

Somehow, when you consider all that Saab has been through, it’s incredible that there are enough loyal customers who are willing to buy a car from a company that from all indications from the mainstream press is a walking corpse. Maybe these customers know something the reporters don’t.

November 2011SalesYTDStock
November 2010SalesYTDStock

September 2011 SCNA Sales

Sales are down up month to month in the US, from 363 to 429, and the numbers look good for the 9-5. It’s overtaken the 9-3 in total sales for the first time in the US, but they still have a ton of stock left on 2011 models. I don’t foresee a problem with US/Canadian Saab dealers running out of stock before production comes back online. Another huge credit to dealers like Kurt Schirm at International Saab, AJ Murphy at Just Saab, and Jason Powell at Springman’s Saab for keeping the momentum despite the bad news. If you’re a dealer and you’re interested in a profile on our site like the one Jason did for Springman’s, shoot us an email and let us know, we’d love to help drive customers into dealers.

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Saab US Sales August 2011

How Saab continues to sell this many cars under these circumstances is beyond me. Well done,  US dealers. Sales are up over 25% over August 2010. Perhaps RedJ’s prediction was low? I certainly hope so.

Notice that 9-4X sales are picking up well, but I expect with the right promotion this to be Saab’s #1 seller in the US.

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Saab US Sales Data – July 2011

Despite all of the mess, Saab sales are up month to month in the US. You’ll remember, June sales were 323 units. This month, Saab has sold 384 units. The 9-4X contributed 17 of these, and for those interested, there are 180 in inventory. Great launch? Hardly…these should be sold out, considering how many thousands Cadillac sells of its (uglier in my opinion) cousin, the SRX each month. It goes to show how negatively the financial troubles around Saab are impacting them, and gives us hope that once Saab’s financial situation is sorted through this autumn (hopefully by someone not dependent on Government approvals, hint), that we’ll finally be able to talk about the amazing product Saab has and their bright future.

[table id=35 /]

March US Sales Data: Not an April Fool’s Joke

Sales are picking up very well considering they only have two models on the showroom floor. Once the 9-4x hits US dealers in one month, expect an increase in foot traffic that will certainly boost sales. Remember, GM last year made 75,000+ alone of it’s brother, the SRX.

UPDATE: You’ll remember last month there was a small media press event for the 9-4x in Northern Virginia. This was a small event with only 4 vehicles mainly for long lead publications which need more time to get their articles ready for print in Summer issues. At some point next month in May, Saab will hold their larger media event, so to all the US journalists who check in here– don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance. It sounds like you’ll even be able to speak with Victor himself.

[table id=23 /]

Saab sold 707 9-3s, 123 9-5s, for a total of 830 units in March 2011. It’s good to see that stocks are up to more normal levels too.

We’re also tipped off that these are all genuine sales, not dealer demos. That practice has been discontinued. A 630% increase in sales, not too bad, but they’ll still improve a lot this year.

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