Morries Saab’s first ever Swap Meet & Car Show

A few weeks ago Morries Saab had their first ever Saab Swap Meet & Car Show which took place on July 9th, 2011.
Everybody was welcome and quite a few of you took along your Saabs and Saab Related items!
Anna from Morries Saab has sent us a write up about the event and a few photo’s which can be found on my Flickr Site

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Hirsch finally available in the USA

9-5 Hirsch Performance

I’ve already mentioned it in the forum but still I wanted to bring it to the front page in case some did not see it: June 20th 2011 marked the date when Hirsch Performance products could finally be pre-ordered through the US dealer network.

From what I’ve heared the first parts and software upgrade tools are on their way to the US now. For details please contact your local Saab dealer. If you want to check which products are available in your market you can also visit the Hirsch Performance homepage.

Saab US Sales Data – June 2011

Update from Jeff

June 2011

.                    Sales                           YTD                            Stock

9-3                 216                             2,821                            2,008

9-5                 107                             650                               1,659

Total             323 (+50%)              3,471 (+155%)            3,667


June 2010

.                   Sales                              YTD                              Stock

9-3              204                                1,084                             2,253

9-5               5                                     175                                 21

9-7X            7                                      87                                  11

Total            216                                1,346                             2,285


June 2011 323 (216 in June 2010) +50%
YTD 2011 3438 (1346 YTD 2010) +155%

Year Total 2010: 5445

9-4X sales will be counted for July, since it hasn’t even been delivered to a single dealer yet. They are in port however (confirmed by dealer sources) and as I drove over the NJ Turnpike last night looking down into the parking areas I saw amongst the thousands of cars a pretty large pool of what looked to be 9-4Xs by themselves with white hood protectors. I’ll try to take a picture next time I go over it next weekend.

9-5 SC news for the US market (Updated)

The internet is a fantastic invention, in 1992 you were able to see if the guys from a British University had enough Coffee in the Trojan room of coffee.

Today somebody has left a back-door open and somebody else has found a 9-5SC catalogue for the US market, albeit without prices.

The guys from Saabworld have put it in the public domain, so it should be OK if I talk about it.

The Brochure of the Saab 9-5 SC MY 12 can be downloaded from the SaabUSA site.

This is the most important page of that catalogue.

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Morries Saab Swap Meet & Car Show

The first ever Morries Saab Swap Meet & Car Show will take place on July 9th, 2011.
Set up is from 8:30 am and the day will continue until 4pm.
Everybody is welcome to bring their Saabs & Saab Related items!
All Models are welcome and encouraged.
For details or to reserve your parking spot, contact Anna at [email protected] or 763.449.4221
7400 WAYZATA BLVD., GOLDEN VALLEY, MN 55426 763-449-4200

Saab US sales data – April 2011

April 2011 Combined Sales: 696; April 2010 Combined Sales: 215; +224%
YTD 2011: 2,765; YTD 2010: 346; +699%

I think the YTD for 2010 is wrong. They don’t seem to add the cars of the GM months.
Using the January and February numbers the YTD reads as follows.

YTD 2011 2,765; YTD 2010 956; +185%

Breakdown by model

April 2011 Saab 9-5 Sales: 123, YTD 2011: 450

April 2011 Saab 9-3: 573, YTD 2011: 2,315

Checking in with US Dealers

An article from automotive news spiked my interest this morning. As GM tries to consolidate its dealership network into a tighter more integrated group, some dealers face the threat of becoming used car dealerships or worse, shutting down. These same dealers are now applying to become Saab and Volvo dealers.

Which leads me more to this question for US readers– what’s going on with your dealer? Is their stock finally replenished to where it was a few years ago? If your Saab dealer was part of a larger automotive group (especially GM brands), has your dealer segregated its showroom space to a different building? You’ll remember GM set a deadline of 3 years to achieve this goal. From Swade’s interview with Mike Colleran last September:

Second, the requirement to have separate showroom space was one that GM and Saab/Spyker agreed upon when signing the deal to sell Saab. In short, there was a three-year time period set and all selling spaces should be separated by that time (Feb 2013). Connected to that is the fact that it’s quite normal for brand management, whether it be GM, BMW or Audi, to ask dealers for separate space on their lots.

If your dealer has multiple brands, how do you feel they’re doing pushing Saab vs. other makes? Have you been contacted by your dealer recently to come in to see their new inventory (aside from the standard SCNA mailers for national service promotions).

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