Vi Bilägare Crowns 9-5 Winter Driving King

Respected Swedish car magazine Vi Bilägare recently tested 5 very different cars in a head to head comparison to see what car best handles Swedish winter roads. Unsurprisingly to us (but surprising to them), the Saab 9-5 not only performed well in a variety of snowy, slushy, cold conditions, but was actually fun to drive while doing so. They were happy to report that their long term 9-5 test vehicle hasn’t had any issues since it first had an unfortunate software malfunction which left them stranded (and very unhappy) on the side of the road. Since then, Saab issued a fix and the problem hasn’t resurfaced. That they were able to give the car top billing after an early production glitch is a good sign of their character as auto journalists.

Anyone who drives this car comes away impressed, whether they try a 2.0T or Aero V6. When I recently spoke with my dealer’s owner, he said he had to turn in his 9-5 Aero demo because he got 2 speeding tickets in a matter of weeks. This is in snowy upstate New York, where we get on average 100″+ of snow. If you haven’t tested a 9-5 yet and you’re even remotely in the market for one, get to your dealer and try one out. I don’t need to sell you on it, the car sells itself. Full translation of the article after the break.

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