D Shado & Juice – Saab Music

This video was produced more than two years ago, so I’m not sure how I could have missed it the first time around, but here it is, D Shado & Juice with Saab Music:

There are some old-school Saab references in this video. Although the music isn’t quite my cup of tea, I do appreciate the effort that went into producing this and the nice way they promoted the brand. The video definitively made me smile!

My vacation starts tomorrow, so sayonara everybody! Unless you find yourself in the black sea city of Batumi, in which case I might bump into you there. That actually happened btw: Two years ago I posted here about me and my wife driving to Georgia and soon after a Swedish person commented that he had spotted my car in Batumi. This year we will sadly not be on the road, but fly coach. Next year however, will be different I’m sure.

For the techies – forming a racing block from billet aluminium


I’m constantly amazed when I see the things people can do with the right tools. They always make me feel like a complete idiot, but in the nicest possible way.

If you’re like me and have absolutely no idea about the real work done to build components, then here’s your insight. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


1960 Saab film in Swedish film archive

The Swedish Film Archive has apparently recently digitised a number of archival films and released them for viewing online.

This film from 1960 is 17 minutes long and full of fantastic archival footage from the time. There are jets, cars, and even a Saab-built helicopter that I wasn’t aware of.

The voiceover is in Swedish but it shouldn’t matter. The 1960s imagery is fantastic and the factory footage is essential viewing.

You can view the film here.

Below, I’ve reproduced a few screenshots…..


Apparently this guy leaning over the hood is checking to make sure no water is splashing into the engine bay on the test drive. 1960’s technology!

The mysterious Saab helicopter. They show this being assembled in the factory but I don’t know anything of the background to it (I’m not a big aviation guy). Any more info from the video would be welcome.

Saab strokers on the assembly line….

And an awesome sign at the end. I’d love to know where this is now.

My thanks to Martin E for sending it through. Absolutely brilliant!

Saab Sport Video: Masters at the wheel

Mellde, Molander, Carlsson, Moss, Skogh, Blomqvist, Eklund, Lampinen. Monte Carlo, RAC, Swedish Rally, Finnish Rally, Liege-Sofia-Liege, Midnight Sun – even a stint in Australia! Swedes, Finns and the odd bit of English. Two strokers, formula juniors, V4s and 99s. Snow and Safari.

The Saab Club Nederland YouTube channel has just blessed the rest of us with this fantastic video from the Saab Rally Department, documenting Saab’s rally history through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

It’s absolutely brilliant. If you can’t watch them now, bookmark them and come back.

Kudos to the SCN guys. An outstanding catch.



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