New car from the neighbor. XC90 Mark II


Due to the sour attitude among some of our readers I cross out the text on my initial thoughts on the XC 90. It was no comprehenisve Road & Track test. Just what I could see and feel after a 5 minutes sitting in the car. I described what I could see from a Human Factors / Decision making and some haptics. I know that field of technology.

Volvo showed the car in public with open doors for the forest time at the Stockholm Car Show. I was invited to see that car 4 months ago at the Volvo Stockholm City Showroom, at that show the doors where closed. Maybe the should have bee closed this time as well. The quality felt very chinese, plastic flimsy. Like the plastic part between passengers seat and the center console with shifter etc. The input device for the info/com system felt very awkward with rolling stuff that was so slick that it could not be properly operated. The car was apparently a test/mock-up car. What is going on in Göteborg at the Volvo plant. Is it so hard to get a complete car for this public event.
The car looks pretty much like any old Volvo to me no real new thinking here.
Well this is the most modern Swedish car out on the market but be aware the parts content is getting more and more chinese.

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