One Steven Wade of Hobart, Australia cited in the Wall Street Journal

It’s one of the most storied news outlets on the planet, and our own host, Swade, has found favor with a Wall Street Journal columnist who wrote about his first auto purchase. Issac S, Yoder contemplated the purchase of a C900 convertible, running, for just US$1.
As you may recall, Swade offered his opinion of the car and its possibilities early last month here on SaabsUnited. It’s a great read. Have a look if you missed it.
The news worthy portion of the column:
After months of our discussing the $1 car a friend was offering me, many readers were excited to hear in our July 4 column that I finally bought it.
“You’re going to have the best companion one could possibly ask for in all of this — a Saab 900 convertible,” writes Steven Wade of Hobart, Australia, in an open letter to me on his Saab blog, “You’ve bought one of the most distinctive and individual cars that money can buy.”

The entire column is here.
Well done, Swade!

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