We spoke … they listened

As of today (or yesterday: depending on your time zone), it has been a month since Saab Automobile has filed for bankruptcy.  The weeks that immediately followed that dreaded day, were absolutely painful.  What originally started as a haphazard cocktail of anger and sadness quickly turned to hopelessness and confusion.  We have just witnessed that ominous moment where Victor Muller stood before the world, announcing the bankruptcy filing, and later found ourselves enveloped in complete silence.  Indeed we may be many, but we are also among others that simply do not understand our obsession.  Yes, they may have took pity in our sorrow.  But, they also expected that we would return to our feet, dust ourselves off and move on to more fashionable pursuits.  Well that’s not what happened.  Not in the slightest.  The reality is, deep down within each of us: something snapped.

What we witnessed during those weeks would be one of the largest grass-roots movements of the automotive industry.  It all started with http://www.outside-saab.com/ and grew into a worldwide phenomenon of 100 events held in 39 countries.  How could it be that from the darkest days of Saab’s history, that the Saab community could valiantly emerge with such awesome power, united as a single voice?  You, me and everyone else here, know the answer to this question. It is the one thing that we can all agree on.  And suddenly: we no longer find ourselves trapped in confusion.  In fact, we are very sure of ourselves and our purpose.  But, do you see what we have done?  We have completely turned the tables.  I can imagine all the leading analysts of the automotive industry doing a double take after witnessing this uprising.  Suddenly, they are the ones that are confused.  In fact, make that: baffled beyond belief.

But, that’s not all.  Notice all the recent activity that we are now hearing about Youngman and Brightwell Holdings?  It is times like these that we are reminded that all of us can and do make a difference.  One does not have to have a degree in marketing to realize that such a large and active fan-base behind Saab points to a vast untapped potential.  Indeed, this has been a roller coaster of an experience, and even though we bore witness to the proverbial roller-coaster flying off its tracks, we could very well be pioneers.  That would be pioneers, leading the way towards a new future for Saab.

We are many, we have spoken and they have listened … for tomorrow: there will be Saab!

We are SAAB: Flying low over Trollhättan

Ready for departure
What a day! My previous visit to Trollhättan was December 19th and that day completely drained me of all energy. After the press conference, Tim and I ended up at ANA, the local Saab dealer. I reminded Tim that the two year anniversary of the 2010 convoy was coming up… Little did we know that the crazy dutch guys had been thinking the very same thing!

Fast forward to January 13th when Tim called me to ask if I enjoyed flying. “Tim, I love flying, but can’t stand the airports”. He explained his idea and I agreed it was a good one. It would be my first attempt at ground photography, but gotta start somewhere, right? “Be there bright and early!”.

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We Are Saab Vancouver, BC

The Saab Club Of Western Canada and any other Saabers in the Lower Mainland will be meeting at Springman’s Saab on Saturday January 14th at 11am. This will not be a rally as much as it will be a bunch of Saab owners and fans meeting to show support for the Saab brand, employees and anyone associated with the brand. We look forward to a good turnout and some good conversation with old friends. Springman’s is located at 19550 Langley Bypass in Surrey, BC. We are many, we are Saab.

Home News from the Mad Dutchies.

The guys are working very hard in the OutSide Saab offices in Holland and here is the latest World Wide News.
42 countries, 105 events ;_) have been in touch so far.

As for Holland itself, 1139 saabs are heading for the Dutch get together.
The rally plates are ready and I’ve printed a break down of the models after the jump.

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