SaabUSA website now updated

Goodbye to the old.

Hello to the new.

Saab’s US website has now come into line with the international site and updated themes from many countries around the world. Now, all the people seeing those groovy new Saab ads on TV and in print will land somewhere inviting when they look up

We’ve been talking about this (and a few other things) for a long time. It’s great to see it all coming together, at last.

Saab online presence begins to change

We’ve been talking about Saab’s global web presence, with a few national sites in the crosshairs, for some time now. I’m pleased to pass on that things are beginning to change for Saab’s online presence.

This is the beta version of Saab’s Media website, which was discovered earlier today by JH.

Saab Media updated website

There are numerous media assets already loaded on to the site, so it’s partially operational. I notice there’s also a “Trollhattan Blog” there with an initial welcome post. Good to see.

This is a massive project for Saab. It’s not just the re-design of a front page. It’s the carving out of Saab’s web structure from a larger GM structure and repositioning of all the assets therein (and so much more).

This is just a start, but it’s a good signal as to what’s coming. Re-designs are expected for national pages in the coming months.

Thanks to JH for discovering it and passing it on.

Saab, websites, advertising and you

A friend of mine, regular reader and occasional commenter on this site, Nixschel, posted something in comments that I thought was worth posting here on the front page.

Nixschel was commenting with regard to the discussion to SaabUSA’s website now working with the iPad.

The bottom line…. while we argue semantics about what can genuinely be some important issues, we may be missing the most important point completely.

And Saab might be missing it too.


I cannot but agree with what has been stated. I saw a press release regarding the new pricing of the 9-3. So I check the website and guess what? [The] old numbers are still there. Takes some explaining, I think. There is a website for the 9-3 in the Netehrlands which I find badly communicated and hard to find.

The reason behind all this is not clear to me. What use of which platform to me is rather irrelevant. I come from the old school of HTML in notepad. I come from the adagio of “it has to be a decent site in any browser”.

I am a MAC user, but I threw out the iPhone as it was a crap thing. I do not want to enter into any wars between soft- and hardware manufacturers. What I do want to see is a decent clean up, some form of a way forward in Saab advertising and websites. There does not seem to be a common goal (with slight deviations based on local tastes and customs).

The connection with the community, which did help in the fight for survival seems to be either forgotten, or is no longer seen as a commodity. That suprises me as there are plenty of studies around that focus on finding the magic ingredient, why did we do what we did when we did it.

In short, I cannot at the moment, find a common goal, I cannot see a real connection between us and the brand. It seems to be fading a tad into the background and that to me isn’t right.


I know that Saab are working on global site development and whilst I don’t have any knowledge as to what sort of platform they’re using, I’m confident whoever’s building it for them will have cross-system usability in mind.

The bigger picture that Nixschel mentions is of more concern – the unity of message and the connection with customers. The story doesn’t necessarily need to be told explicitly, but the connection needs to be as strong in a year’s time as it was a year ago.

I just thought Nixschel’s comment was quite a good summary of the total challenge facing Saab in their marketing efforts and wanted to share it here.

SaabUSA site now available on iPad

Saab are in the process of migrating the US site to a unified global template but in the meantime, there have been some mild updates to the standard site.

This first came to my attention when Kurt K emailed me all excited about the fact that he could finally view a rendering of the US site on his iPad:

Saab USA iPad

It’s great to see they’ve got this sorted out (and I hope it’s a big, big priority for the global site, which needs to be compatible with mobile devices).

How significant is this?

As far as SU is concerned, mobile devices aren’t a huge part of my regular traffic. They make up about 2% of the visit total here. But within that 2% – which is growing, by the way – the iPad represents close to 50% of the mobile device segment. Within a few months of its release, the iPad is close to being the mobile device used more than all others combined.

It’s primarily a reader and a lot of websites are crafting their iPad offerings carefully as the device offers a pretty rich experience. Get it right, and people will keep coming back.

Anyway, it’s good to see they’ve made a start and hopefully there will be more to come very soon.

New Saab microsite: Anything But Ordinary

Saab have launched a new microsite, themed around the new TV advertisement titled Anything But Ordinary.

The new microsite is organised around 5 themes (desks):

  • Built around the driver
  • Born on the runway
  • Ready for action
  • Always alert
  • Made in Scandinavia

You click on each desk and what follows is plenty of tricky animation, some of which serves little purpose (sorry – but flying clouds and lined paper?) but the good part is that there are plenty of Saab 9-5 features taking front position on the site and good descriptors telling the viewer what each one does.

If I can make one suggestion (aside from ditching some of the animations that slow down loading) it would be to do something to increase the contrast when the small white written descriptors pop up. I have a great monitor here and I still had to lean in to read what they were saying.

Saab “Change Perspective” minisite

This is not a new website.

In fact, Eggs covered this Saab minisite when it was first released in support of the new Saab 9-5’s Frankfurt debut, back in September 2009.

Considering that many of you may not have seen Eggs’ post when it was written back then (there’s a lot of post-sale noobs around), and especially in light of Saab’s new advertising blitz based on this theme, I figured it might be worth covering again.

Click here to visit Saab’s Change Perspective website.

The site supports the new ad, giving more insight into Saab’s philosophies on Driving, Safety, Fuel and Power. It shows what Saab have been doing in the past, what they’re doing now and what they are looking to do in the future.

It’s a light-hearted site, but well executed. Check it out and then do the important thing and pass it on!

Thanks to Zippy for the reminder!

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