Right-sizing the new Saab 3-spoke wheels

It’s been mentioned more than once that the renderings of the new 3-spoke wheels don’t quite look like they’re the right size. On the Build-Your-Own Saab configurator, they look more like they’re 18 or 19-inch wheels rather than 16s.

Accordingly, “Me” has been plying his photoshop skills to put these wheels back into scale so we can see something closer to what they’ll really look like.

Click to enlarge.

Pic 1 – A Saab 9-3 with a regular 18 inch TX wheel.

Pic 2 – A Saab 9-3 with supposed 16-inch rims from the configurator. As you can see, they’re pretty comparable to the 18s shown above.

Pic 3 – A Saab 9-3 with some 16-inch rims, from the configurator. As you can see, there’s more gap in the wheel arches there.

And Pic 4 – The new Saab 3-spokes from Pic 2, but scaled down via photoshop to approximate the wheel size depicted in Pic 3.


As you can see, the smaller rim size really suits the three-spoke pattern better and the proportions of the wheels look much better, too.

Saaby wheels, great look, smoother ride and cheaper tyres. Excellent!

Thanks to “Me” for the great work.

New 3-spoke wheels from Saab

As part of the 2011 update for the Saab 9-3, Saab announced there would be a new set of 16-inch three-spoke wheels, reminiscent of the 3-spokes that first adorned the Saab 900 and 9000.

Problem? They didn’t put any pictures of them with the press release.

Saab’s build-your-own configurator is your friend, however (thanks Tompa!) and I’ve just put together this Vector TX edition car with the new wheels on it.


They seem to suit some color cars more than others, but they look cool on this Jet Black version (and pretty good on red, too).

Well done, Saab!

Below are some more angles and colors….

Saab 9-5 wheels by photoshop

Not satisfied by the wheel offerings on the new Saab 9-5, a young French Saab-blogger named Maxime decided to photoshop some more old-skool wheels onto the new sedan – with some satisfying results!

Click to enlarge.

I’m not sure these first wheels were ever manufactured in a size that would suit the new 9-5…..

But these definitely were…. Saab’s double-blade wheels are 18-inches diameter

And these Hirsch’s are 19-inch standards (and look freaking brilliant!)

New 20-inch wheels for Saab 9-5

Saab were showing off the new Saab 9-5 to customers in Stockholm earlier this week and I’ve received some interesting photos from that event.
The photos show a new 20-inch wheel that we haven’t seen at motor shows or in vehicle publicity yet. Here’s the new wheel, below.
Click to enlarge.
Quite aggressive and very interesting, though perhaps such a nice big wheel does put a bit too much emphasis on the relatively small-looking brakes.
Maybe some of these are in order? Or these?
Our source’s comments from the display were quite encouraging:

Yesterday, I attended a SAAB event in Stockholm, where they presented the new 9-5 to some customers. There were three 9-5 Aero6 XWD on display, all in granite gray, available for us to sit in and examine. It’s an extraodinary car, I must say! Too bad my company lease 9-3SC ends in April next year, and the 9-5SC probably won’t be available until summer.

I’m sure something can be worked out with that lease if need be…….
Thanks for the comments and of course, the photos!!

Can any other car wear Saab’s Inca wheels?

The three-spoke Aero wheel will quite possibly go down as the quintessential Saab wheel of all time – and rightfully so.
But there’s few wheels that sum up their manufacturer and their era quite like Saab’s Inca wheels, as found on the Saab 99 Turbo and a few early Saab 900 Turbos.
Saab 99 Turbo TU2
In the 1970s, Saab were on the up, doing funky cars with funky interiors and there’s little in all autodom that says ‘funky’ like a set of Incas. They are nothing, if not unique (except awkward to clean and even more awkward to re-paint).
I saw an image on my Flickr feed today, which got me wondering….
Some wheels are so nice on their own that they could quite easily be transferred from one car to another and still look good, and suit the new vehicle they’re on.
I tend to think, however, that Incas are so 1970s Saab that they couldn’t make the transition to anything else and still look like they belong there.
This was the image, posted by Sven Carlsson:
It’s a good choice, picking a car with a bit of a cult following, but I’m still unsure as to whether the Incas have successfully completed the cross-marque journey.
a) Could any other car wear them?
b) would any other car want to wear them (they can be an acquired taste, after all)

Wheels maketh the car – Inca style

A few weeks ago I was able to forward an offer from Saab Australia on some new-generation Inca wheels and I’m pleased to report that a friend of mine in Sydney took advantage of the offer.
Hawkeye has a Snow Silver 2008 Saab 9-3 sedan, the first BioPower ordered in Australia, and he’s been keen on the new Incas since the first time he saw them. They were a bit beyond the budget when he ordered his new car, but the discounted ofer via Saab Australia made them irresistable.
Here are his former wheels, which looked pretty slick….
And here are the new Incas, which he had fitted last week.
Like Saab’s original Incas, see below, these new ones tend to polarise opinion. I think they look good on some colors but I wonder how they’d look on others. I’ve seen them on a red SportCombi, which looked pretty good.
On Snow Silver, I think they look downright fantastic. Almost fururistic.
Hawkeye’s now got a perfect set of wheels for sale if anyone’s interested. You’d need to collect them or freight them from Sydney, of course.
They’re all in perfect condition as Hawkeye’s the most fastidious vehicle owner I think I’ve ever seen. His car won the Saab Car Club of Australia national concourse back at Easter this year.
Here are the original Saab Incas, as seen on a Sonett II at the SOC last weekend. I’ve never seen them on a Sonett before. They were originally made for the Saab 99Turbo and appeared on some early 900 Turbos as well.
Saab Owners Convention 2009

One-off bargain wheels at Elkparts

Site sponsors, Elkparts, have a one-only special going on a set of very sweet 17-inch Double Evo wheels.
Twitter can be useful!
Here’s the story from the Elkparts site.

IMG_2719.thumb.jpg Delivery mileage alloys – these alloys were put on a Saab at the factory in Trollhattan, Sweden, did a couple of miles around Saab’s test track, on and off transporters and did only a handful of miles. Please note that these alloys have had tyres fitted and removed and are supplied as alloy wheels only and, as such, are not sparkling like brand new ones as they show evidence of tyres being fitted. Nevertheless, having been used for only a few miles, these alloys represent huge savings over the cost of boxed, new equivalents.

These wheels normally sell for £1,186 for the set of four. This particular set of lightly used wheels, still boxed, are selling for £699.99
What’s the catch?
Well, aside from having done a handful of miles, one of the rims has a slight scuff on it. You can see a picture of the mark at the Elkparts gallery at Saabphotos.
The wheels maketh the car – and this is a bargain for a set of very smart looking wheels.
Click here for the full story and order page.

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