What Makes A Saab Driver Become A Saab Driver?

As I drove to work this morning, I was thinking of the cars around me and thinking “what drives someone to buy this or that?” and it brought my mind back to Saab. Is it the little features or is it something all together different? I was stuck behind a newer Mustang at one point and what caught my eye was the rear turn signal lights and how they flash across three lights. To me this was a pretty cool look that was different from the regular flash of a turn signal and reminded me of the old Night Rider “Kit” car. Not enough to drive me to buy a Mustang, but clearly something that someone put some thought in to. Yesterday on SaabsUnited there was discussion about the 9-5 Aero steering wheel and some like it and some do not, but this is a feature that once you use it, you can tell right away that it is not just a “quirky” Saab thing and in my opinion should be used for all cars as it really makes driving more pleasurable.

This brings me to my point or rather my question to you, the Saab public, the people who have put their money out and purchased a Saab. I don’t care if your car is brand new or 10 years old or even older, what I want to know is what brought you to the Saab brand and has turned you into a Saab driver? I always hear of quirky this and that and to be honest, I don’t really like quirkiness being the explanation for what a Saab is because I don’t think it does justice to what a Saab is. Saab is a drivers car and I think it would be great to hear from Saab owners as to what made Saab the car for you.

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