Winding Road Reviews the 9-4X (and more)

A great review of the 9-4X from Tom Martin. I’m not going to even bother to summarize it for you because it’s short and I’d rather you take the time to read it yourself (it’s one of the best Saab reviews I’ve ever seen actually). Highlights include:

“For those paying attention, the driving dynamics of the 9-4X are positively brilliant.”

And on Saab branding its technology as having real world usefulness:

“We can easily imagine a group of buyers, who are frustrated by zillions of features that work only occasionally, being drawn to Saabs because Saab really tries to design workable electronics rather than stacks of gizmos.”

What I found most interesting was Tom’s chart comparing the premium automakers’ choices regarding branding and image, and agree with his conclusions.

What are you waiting for, go read the article!


And from the Burlington, VT Examiner comes another article which while more generic, backs up the 9-4X’s credibility as a confident performer and credible entrant into the crowded CUV market. As I’ve examined before, with the Saab’s superior pricing, you’d have to be pretty dumb to choose a competitor’s offering instead of the 9-4X.


Of course, we’ll have more to come this week.

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